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    Does the large double-bent pipe have enough space above the labium? The upper part of the organ is placed on top of the box with the blower, and the bottom seems to be just above the labium of the pipe. Thus, the pipe should be massively too low and sound bad. Greetings! Samuel

    Thanks Samuel for your kind suggestion, it is indeed a problem but I manage to solve it. ^^

    I upload a short video of the chest organ at its present stage, I hope i could somehow finished in October.

    Thank you all for your kind surpport during the process, I really learnt a lot and enjoy it!

    Best regards, Xiaohu

    Hello dear organ friends, it is been a while to update my progress in organ building, cheers!

    The "C-shaped" pipe is difficult to make and to make it sound nice, I will try it again using a different approach.

    The leaking between the channels of windchest is indeed troublesome, i am still fixing this problem using glue bath.

    I hope it can make sound in next month. Xiaohu

    Hi Samuel, the sound of the laser cut pipe seems to be fine, I will find time to record and give the frequency spectrum if possible. the air block needs further modification, I will try a new disign later on.

    Meanwhile,I would like to ask have you made any sound comparision with / without the glue coating on the pipe inside? I think surely the glue would make the inner surface very smooth, but it would spend a lot of glue as well!

    Meanwhile, some update on the keyboard skin, it is indeed quite time comsuming on the manual.

    Dear organ friends, some update on the organ pipes, I have made upto 20 pipes now, the small pipes on the right are the test pipes I made previously.

    I also tried a new way of preparing the material for the pipes, is by laser cutting, I made one pipe and it sounds better than expected.

    The upper labrium I made seperately by hand cutting and milling a small piece of plywood, to replace the glued triangles.

    Looking forward to your comments, Best, Xiaohu

    Thank you Samuel for the information. I am going to dedicate more efforts to make the keyboard as perfect as possible. I am planning to either use Teak wood with cow bone on top, or still using ebony with cow bone on top. boxwood is also not very expensive in China, probably I will try that also.

    But right now, I think I am continue working on the wooden pipe and the windchest. Best regards, Xiaohu

    Dear organ friends,

    Some updates on the keyboard, I contacted a local workshop to carve the keys using the engraving machine, still there is more work to be done such as polishing and fine tuning, but already quite happy.

    The white keys I use beach wood as key body. And the key covers I use "Purple Sandalwood" translated from Chinese, I think it is a type of ebony, the thickness is 2mm. Is it too thick for the key cover?

    Meanwhile, I don't know what material to choose for the minor and sharp keys. Any suggestions?

    Best, Xiaohu

    Hello Samuel, this post is indeed very impressive and helpful! one question is about the labium edge thickness, I used to make it as sharp as possible but after having the opportunity to inspect some "real" wood pipe I found the labium edge is quite thick, what are the differences in sound considering the edge thickness ? it would be interesting to do various experiments to check the sound.

    Another thing is the height of the labium edge to the air outlet slit, I think the lower the height would yield relatively large sound? and I guess that the lower the height would suppress the first order harmonic and increase the 2nd order harmonic. Best regards, Xiaohu

    That was just my guess that your wood might be too fibrous to be finished smoothly. As for the wood, spruce is common because of its light weight, and for the smaller stops, hardwood such as oak or pear. As long as you have a wood that can be worked smoothly, the weight is more important. In any case, look that the wood is well dry and grown straight! The pipes should be coated with glue on the inside in any case, because wood is more porous than you think and a bad sounding pipe can also be due to this.

    Viele Grüße! 许多问候!


    Dear Samuel,

    Could I ask what type of paint should be paint inside and outside the pipe? I learnt from the internet using Polyurethane is a choice,and how about wood wax oil? Vielen dank für eure hilfe.